A Day at the Fair 2006

Jenny and I certainly remembered our magical day at the Wisconsin State Fair in August of 2005. Those of you who weren't there that day (which is everyone except Jenny, Mom, June and I) can get up to speed by going here to check out what we did that day. While last year was incredibly special and in no way could be duplicated, this year was also special because Jenny was now able to drink legally in places that sell alcohol, including the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds. The first thing that we did when we walked in was buy a few fantastic Miller Products and consume them at a rapid pace. The second thing that we did was catch up with our favorite fair band - Ecuador Manta. We've seen them play at both of Wisconsin's big gatherings, Summerfest and the State Fair, and they're amazing every single time. If you go to Summerfest or the State Fair, make sure that you take the time to stop by and see this exciting band. I guarantee they'll make you dance to the music.

My Mom was spinning for Lassie and Gracey, but the demonic look in my eye could only mean one thing - I was spinning for fortune and glory. This was the first time that my cat, Coach Gordon Bombay, was counting on me to bring home some sweet snacks for him to eat. Since he doesn't stop meowing until he is fed, I knew that I definitely couldn't let him down this time.

We went into this animal exhibit where a bunch of baby animals were on display. My Mom couldn't help but get all googley-eyed over these little creatures, and I'm sure she even wanted to take a few of them home. Since they weren't for sale, we settled on spinning this giant wheel in an attempt to win prizes for our pets.

When you have a cat at home who depends on you for food, shelter and every other thing necessary for life continuance, you sometimes have to break/bend the rules in order to succeed by whatever means necessary. In this case, it meant that I might have cheated a little bit by moving the final resting spot of the pointer from the cat marker (where you receive information about the furry felines) to the prize marker (where you receive treats and toys) so that my Gordon would love me a little bit extra when I got home. Thankfully only Jenny (and not the volunteers running this thing) saw me cheat, or else I might be forever banished from attending this section of the fair.