Afterglow 2010 - Day 1 Saturday

















My Mom loves Afterglow. Duh, everyone loves Afterglow. But my Mom really does and I believe her when she says that it is really the happiest place on Earth. She could do anything with her time and money, but she chooses to take us to Afterglow every year. And I thank her every day for that, even though I may not say it out loud.

We stopped by Eddie's house for some reason. It certainly wasn't to say goodbye as he would be joining us up there later today. But why isn't important anymore. What is important is that I got a sweet picture with Eddie to share with all of you. You know you like it.






























































Afterglow is all about traditions. You've heard me say that before and you'll hear me say it again. But repetition is one of the core elements of a tradition. On the way there, we always stop at Culver's or Arby's for lunch. I'm fine with either choice as long as I can wear my sombrero inside and cause a scene without anybody calling the police.

I always do the driving up to Afterglow and our party always consists of myself, Mom and Jenny. Timmy usually drives his own car there. One would think a 5 hour car ride with 2 women would be hell on Earth. Well these weren't just any women, these were 2 of the best ever created, and I am proud to have them be a part of my family.

When we arrived at Afterglow the McKissick's were already there. Hell I'm pretty sure that everybody was already there. I'm always the last to arrive at Afterglow but like my compatriots that arrive before me, I crack open a beer as soon as I get there. And vacation begins...

PBR has become the official beer of Afterglow. It's fitting because PBR has become the official beer of my life. This is one of those pictures that you will most likely see every year until my liver gives out and I can no longer drink beer. Until then expect this picture.


If you've been following my Afterglow albums over the years, you will recognize this tradition. We always flip the geese upside-down but this year Timmy broke one of the geese. Apparently they were nailed to the wall. So Timmy did the next best thing and put the geese in his mouth.

Soon after we pulled in, Eddie arrived on his motorcycle. One time I sat on a stationary motorcycle and I fell off, so I can't imagine driving on one from Milwaukee to Afterglow. But Eddie did it, and he was here to get a firsthand look at why we love this place so much.

Even though I do love me a cold PBR, I don't drink beer nearly as much as I used to back in college and when I played beer pong. I've grown up and moved on to the hard stuff. But every now and then I have to revisit my younger days and shotgun a beer. This usually only happens up at Afterglow, so when Timmy suggested that we do one I was more than happy to oblige. I can't take one down like I used to, but I know for sure that I finished before Timmy did. And as long as the little brother can't beat me at drinking, I'll sleep easier tonight. More like pass out easier.

I'm a man of superstition. I probably get this because of my love for America's superstition filled sport - baseball. One of the things I always do before leaving on vacation is say goodbye to Coach Gordon Bombay and take a picture with him. I do it for 2 reasons: for good luck on my travels and to take him with me wherever I go. Gordon is my Best Friend Forever and being away from him for a whole week is really hard to do, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make for a week in paradise. That's right everyone, I was leaving for the greatest place in the world - Afterglow.