Afterglow 2010 - Day 1 Saturday



After the car is unpacked, the geese have been flipped and the furniture rearranged, we gather the cousins and go swimming. That's when I truly feel like I have arrived at Afterglow. We had the entire gang (aside from Jenny and Tommy) and even added an Uncle Dan.

It was only Saturday and we have our first Susie sighting! Susie isn't really a part of our gang despite having the correct last name. It's not that we don't want her, in fact it's the exact opposite. She chooses to spend her vacation her way. And I speak for Timmy and say that's ok.


We drink a lot at Afterglow. I wish that I could sugarcoat it for you Moms out there but we like to toss a back more than a few to enhance the enjoyment of our vacation. Sure we would and we could enjoy Afterglow sober, but if you had the choice, would you do it?











Some kids built a sandcastle of what appears to be Superman in flight on the beach. Being the classy fella that he is, Brian stood over it and pretended that he was "riding" Superman. He's no Lois Lane, but Brian got the most of a man who is faster than a speeding bullet.


These two goofs call themselves life partners and certainly act like it while we are up here at Afterglow. If they spent any more time together they would have to get an apartment or go up to Canada and make their partnership legal. Just like Chuck + Larry. And Kevin is the chick.











When we aren't in the BP (big pool) you can most likely find us hanging out in the HT (that one is self explanatory). Sadly there isn't enough room in the new HT for the entire gang, so we have to take turns. Right now it was Stacy, Kevin, Beege and my turn in the HT.


Not that our Moms care about us up here (because this place is only as dangerous as we make it) but if they ever got worried and needed to find us, they just have to look out in the water. Unless it is storming or bitterly cold, we are most likely there. Or raging it on KK.













My Mom and Eddie have been dating for a couple of years now. At first I was a little weirded out by it, but my Dad has been remarried for like 7 years or something, so I'm used to my parents not being with each other. Even so it was a big step for Eddie to join us at Afterglow, although he would only be up here for one night. But it looked like he was enjoying hanging out and hopefully for my Mom's sake, he decided to stick around for more than just one night. I may be alone here amongst my siblings, but I really like Eddie.











Eddie loves broken things. He's not some junk collecting hobo or anything, but he's always fixing something. So when we told him about the broken goose, he got out his toolkit that he just "happened" to bring up with him. And then he reattached the wing to the goose so that we didn't have to answer to Pete for damaging the treasures in Cabin #2. Even though Eddie cleaned up our mess, he still retained a sense of humor as he nailed the goose on the wall so that it would be flying upside-down, thus restoring order in the universe. And now the day could go on as scheduled.












You would think with 11 (nearly 12) years of drinking experience to my name I would have more of a tolerance to alcohol and be able to remember things. Not so much. I don't remember this picture, but unless I have a clone like Stefan Urquelle, that's me in the picture.