Afterglow 2010 - Day 1 Saturday








My Mom used to make all dinners at Afterglow like a loving and providing parent should. But as we got older we started fending for ourselves for meals. And then a few years ago we each take a night and cook dinner for the family. Timmy decided that tonight was his night and he made everyone vegetarian enchiladas with boca meat instead of ground beef. Since it had all the other fixings (beans, cheese, sauce and sour cream) no one noticed that there was no meat in them. They certainly got the approval of two well known carnivores in Brian and myself. I'm not about to go veggie on your ass, but this stuff wasn't half bad.










Not every second of Afterglow is exciting. Sometimes we're just sitting around inside the cabin goofing around or snacking on pudding. But what makes this place so much better than back home is that a bad moment at Afterglow is still tons better than a good moment back home. That's because we are all together. And when the Kurutz/Reck family gets together, the result always has the possibility of being legendary.

Afterglow is so much fun and we only have 7 days up there, so it is always sad when darkness starts to creep in and the day comes to an end. But then two of the best Afterglow traditions spring to life - singing at the campfire and raging it on KK. Mom, Kevin and I all play guitar (our skill level is in that order) but it is really Timmy that sparks up the night and keeps it going until quiet hour. He has a wealth of musical knowledge as well as a database of songs, so when he picks up the guitar magic happens. He gets us in the right mood to start raging it.

















Afterglow is a little too much to handle for some people, even if they haven't been drinking since the crack of Noon. Stacy was all partied out and picked out a nice spot on the floor to rest up for the fire and raging on KK. I thought that kids were supposed to have more energy than old folks like me. I guess that I thought wrong, but then Stacy popped up and was in true form (sombrero and all) by the time the fire was burning bright. That was what I expected of our youngest trooper (excluding Joey of course) as she was ready to rage it all night with the big boys. Stacy is as ready as she'll ever be.