Afterglow 2010 - Day 5 Wednesday



Now that everyone and their Mom has a digital camera, there are so many pictures that I didn't take (and was not there for) that I can use on this site. I normally don't because this is my story, and if I wasn't there I can't tell you what was going on. But this picture of Brian and Kevin with Nate was too good to pass up. What a cute family.


Despite it signaling the end of a day at Afterglow, the nightly campfire is one of my favorite moments. The only problem is that quiet hour starts at 11pm and the last log has to be on the fire by 11:30pm. So if we wanted to keep the fire going, we had to do it somewhere else. And so Craig's Kourt was born on the rockpile behind the baseball field.














Not too many people go up to the rockpile. And why should they? There's nothing but rocks, mosquitoes and old broken boats back there. Yes, this is where paddleboats, canoes and sailboats go to die. Most people probably believe that they go up to the big lake in the sky where they are free to float and splash all day, but I have seen it with my own eyes - there is no big lake in the sky. Boats crack or break, then they are carted back here and they rust. That is the reality of it. Life begins and it ends. Deal with it. Don't believe what they teach you at Sunday boat school.














Timmy and I have been hanging out at the rock pit since before you were born. Back in the day we used to light off fireworks back here because it was a remote location that you could neither hear or see what we were doing. It was the perfect place for tonight's fire.

This isn't a blurry picture, you're just drunk right now and your vision is all wacked out. Ok, so maybe we were the ones who were drunk. Brian, Kevin and I went in Jenny's room and passed out for an unspecified amount of time. After today we really needed this.














But even though we were put out of commission by the evil spirits, the award for crazy of the night has to go to Jenny. The Moms were in the other room watch the Kate Hudson / Anne Hathaway movie Bride Wars, and Jenny burst into the room and started her own bride wars.


All of us were wasted, but I bet that Brian, Kevin and I were the ones who took the brunt of the alcohol's force. No one else passed out like we did. And here I am celebrating that. I would be upset about that but today was a whole lot of fun that I didn't remember until now.
















I didn't watch much of the movie "Bride Wars", but if it is anything like "All About Steve" then I can guarantee you that Jenny's version of Bride Wars was a whole hell of lot better. We were trying to peacefully sleep off our drunkenness when Jenny felt the need to jump all over us and disrupt our slumber. Even though I appreciated Jenny's enthusiasm and commitment to her game, for obvious reasons I would of rather played Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway and had those girls jump all over me in the bed. In a perfect world, it would've happened that night.













But apparently we just weren't meant to sober up today. So we joined everyone in the living room and Kevin and I got to know each other better man. But it was ok because we're family, and family is allowed to be in each other's personal space. And the so drunken day continued...


Gary was also playing Bride Wars in the bedroom, and despite what you may have heard, I do not enjoy dudes jumping on me when I'm in bed. Of course that didn't stop him from grinding all up on Brian, Kevin and myself. We were just trying to sober up damn it!

Several weeks after we got home, I was helping my Mom to select pictures from her digital camera and print them out for her album. When looking over the pictures from Day 5 Wednesday, she told me that it was her favorite day of Afterglow 2010. I find that very ironic because my Mom is anti-drinking and the majority of us were hammered drunk. But when we were wasted we goofed around and played like a bunch of little kids. Seeing that my Mom teaches Kindergarten aged kids, she was right there in her element when we were acting like them. She probably knew we had been drinking, but if she knew the truth that we were blackout drunk and for the most part could not remember the events of that day, she might change her stance on labeling this her favorite day of Afterglow 2010. I know the truth and I'll still say this day was the best.