Iceman Celebration Day 2016 - Rage, Rest, Repeat



I previously mentioned that I bought a packaged deal for a daytime Niagara Falls boat cruise and a nighttime fireworks cruise. Knowing that I would be out late tonight (and seeing as how I already raged all day), I decided that it was time to rest before I repeated that rage. But first I needed to find my way back to my hotel. I had a general sense of the city layout, but since I could not use my phone except on Wi-Fi, I couldn't open Google Maps. So I just started walking. I ended up cutting through this park and captured one of my all-time favorite pictures of the perfectly landscaped gardens. Someone put some serious time and effort into making this look so beautiful and I thank them for their efforts. It gave me something pretty to look at as I drunkenly ambled around this strange and foreign land.

I was a drunken American looking for some booze (which I probably didn't even need at the time), so I went into the Duty Free store. I was denied my purchase because I wasn't leaving the country and going back to the US. So is that how this works? Duly noted. I'll make sure to stop here on my way out tomorrow.

Nearly every tourist attraction ends the same way (if they are smart) - you exit through the gift shop. I tried not to fall victim to this rouse, but I found the sweetest pair of rage shades and a Niagara Falls coozie. So I had to buy them. Then I groundscored this sweet Mom visor and rocked it until things got weird.









I walked by the Niagara Brewing Company Restaurant and Microbrewery. When I noticed that you could buy their beer to go, I grabbed a 4-pack of Amber Eh. I chose that beer partly because it sounded Canadian, but mostly because it had a hot chick on the can. I'm the easiest person to advertise to.










I decided to get some eats to occupy my stomach with something other than alcohol and energy drinks. I stopped into a Wendy's and I was surprised (although I shouldn't have) that they had poutine. After all, poutine is a Quebecois dish originally made with French fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy. 










I have no idea how much time I spent in my hotel room. I either fell asleep or I passed out. Can it be both? But I felt refreshed enough to go back out into the Canadian World and enjoy the remaining hours of my birthday. The Niagara Fireworks Cruise departed at nightfall, so I had a little time to enjoy the last bit of daylight on my walk back to the river. It sure has been an amazing day so far.









When I got down the boat docking area, I was still a little bit early. They have a nice little setup down there with a bar, tables and chairs and live music. I grabbed a $7 beer and paid with $10 Canadian. Since Canadian $1 and $2 dollars are coins, they handed me all coins back. Since I was drunk and not thinking, I told them to keep the change (because it was coins). So my drunken ass left a $3 tip. Classic. When in Canada...

I can appreciate live music, but I love it so much more when someone plays songs from one of my favorite artists. This guy played "Yer So Bad" from Tom Petty, a song off of his 1989 album Full Moon Fever. It's a song that I've never heard Petty play at any of his concerts I went to, so it was a real treat for me to hear it on Iceman Celebration Day.
So far I had taken plenty of pictures of Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls (which make up the what is known as Niagara Falls), but I decided that a couple more pictures at dusk was in order tonight. But can you blame me? This natural wonder was simply stunning and I did my best to capture her beauty, but I promise you that it was even better in person. You're going to have to just take my word for it.