Iceman Celebration Day 2016 - The Other Side of Niagara

Eventually I had to cross over that river if I was to head East and continue along my way. Thankfully mankind built bridges or else I may have had to ford the river Oregon Trail style. The weather was good. Life was good. And so I drove on from one place to another like a man with a plan. With every ending another beginning is created. And just because my Celebration Day was over doesn't mean that the party had to end. Oh no no no no no. On the contrary my dear good friends. This party will not stop until I decide that it does.

I crossed over a couple of bridges as I walked through the park. This allowed me to capture some pictures of the roaring river as it surges towards the point where it cascades over the various falls. From here it really doesn't look like much. Just your normal fast moving river. But if you know how this story ends (and I do), then you would be able to appreciate the beginning. In a way, this is just as beautiful.
I stopped in the duty-free store to grab some whiskey before I crossed over The Rainbow Bridge (and thankfully not like our pets do) on my way back to America. I only had a 4 hour drive today to my next destination (which I will not spoil here to keep you clicking to the next page), so I had some time to stop and smell the flowers. Or check out more of the waterfall if that makes more sense in this case. I decided to stop in Niagara Falls State Park, which is the oldest State Park in the United States. They have their own Niagara Falls boat Cruise (the famed Maid of the Mist) and certainly capitalize on tourists that do not possess a passport. From this park I could stand on the other side and look at the beautiful city that gave me the best damn 35th Celebration Day that an Iceman ever had.

The United States really gets the shaft when it comes to the American Falls, Bridal Falls and Horseshoe Falls (the area that is more commonly known as Niagara Falls). Sure, these pictures are cool and everything, but they cannot hold a candle to the ones that I shared from the Canadian Side. Believe it or not, I did a little research before I decided to make this my Iceman Celebration Day adventure. Everything that I read said to stay in Canada for the best view of the Falls. And they were right. In more ways than one.



































There is a section of Niagara State Park called Terrapin Point. It is the closest that you can get to Horseshoe Falls from the top without going over in a barrel. Unfortunately for me on my visit, it was closed off to the public while they were doing some construction and restoration. So I had to stare through the bars like I was some kind of prisoner locked up for nefarious deeds. But at least I got that.











I was driving to mid-state New York, so my voyage took me along the Niagara Scenic Parkway along the river that feeds into the historic falls from whence I came. I stopped along the road to snap a few pictures of this waterway looking all nice and calm not knowing that it would eventually cascade over rocks and become a popular tourist destination. Rivers aren't smart. Because that would be ridiculous.