Iceman Celebration Day 2016 - The Morning After

I'm pretty sure I went in the heart-shaped hot tub last night, but that is one of those memories that are better off forgotten. Where's the fun in being alone in a love tub made for 2? In the morning I listened with a glass to the wall like Jim Carrey in "Dumb and Dumber" and said "Get her! Get her!" You'd know it if you saw the unrated edition. I left my hotel room and decided to take a walk back to see Lady Niagara one last time. I took a different way, and instead of going down the touristy main drag, I went down this nature path. It's quite a haul from the road down to the river, but I was happy that I did something different. After my Celebration Day, it was a perfect morning.

A lot of things happened in Niagara Falls. I probably told you about 90% of them. But I had to skip town and continue this adventure. It's always best to fuel up the tank before heading out. My goal when I got into town on Thursday was to eat at the local Hooters, but it was closed this morning. Apparently Canada didn't want me to creepily ogle their women on a Saturday morn. So I stopped at The Works Gourmet Burger Restaurant and got a measuring cup soda and a "Gotta be KD" Burger. This joint has no les than 50 types of burgers ranging from extreme Six Degrees of K'vin Bacon (Canadian bacon, smoked bacon, thick cut maple bacon, Barking Squirrel BBQ sauce, bacon roasted garlic aioli, bacon sticks, lettuce & tomato) to the basic Plain Jane (Just a burger & a bun... extremely boring!). I was still hungover and missing my little pal Korben Dallas, so the KD Burger called out to me. C'mon pal - who doesn't love Kraft Dinner?









I was really impressed with the care that the City of Niagara Falls takes in the landscaping and floral arrangements. I suppose when they have all that foreign money coming in, they can afford to spruce up the place a little bit. And I was happy to contribute.











As I walked along Niagara Parkway through Queen Victoria Park, I got another chance to marvel at this natural wonder. I get the whole touristy/commercialist part of this town, but it's so nice that they left a little bit of it untouched by humans.










From here I got one last look of the American Falls, Bridal Falls and Horseshoe Falls. I know I just got into town a few days ago and I was just a temporary resident, but I was gonna miss this place. And I hope that Lady Niagara was going to miss me too. I only had one 35th Birthday, and I only spent it with one Lady - the classiest Dame I ever knew that wasn't named Liberty. And I'll never forget her.



















It was time to leave this town and go to parts unknown (at least to anyone who wasn't me and in the know of my plans for this trip). After all, Niagara Falls was only the first part of this Iceman Celebration Day journey. This was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I got the chance to hang out in a foreign country for this monumental birthday. But I was born in America. So it would make sense to go back there.













If I would have known there were dinosaurs in this place, I never would have come here. My 3 biggest fears are Dinosaurs, not waking up alive in the morning and spending the rest of my life alone. But here they were! Dinosaurs! Right out in the street where anyone could be lunch instead of just being a stranger in a strange land. Since they were hungry and lurking right behind me, I needed to get up out of here. Because I'll be damned if I'm going to end up being the lunch of some extinct terrible lizard. As I walked down the main drag for the last time, I was sad but also ready to get up out of this bitch. There were more places to go and more adventures to have.