After a nighttime ride on the Hornblower, a nighttime bathroom ride was in order. When I was in there, I saw this sign. Was it that big of a problem in Canada that they needed to post something about it? What the hell are people putting in the toilets up here?

As I left the casino and walked across the street to my hotel, I turned and flipped her off. I don't know why I was so made at the casino. She was just doing her job. And like any lady of the night, she took all of my money and left me feeling empty inside. Even though it ended on a real low note, this had to be one of the best Celebration Days that I ever had. I'm glad that I took this trip, but the fun wasn't over yet. Although I would be leaving Niagara Falls in the morning, there were still plenty of good times down the road. What glorious adventures awaited me in the next few days? I don't know. Tune in next week for more episodes!
I like things that are all lit up. Probably because I'm all lit up most of the time. So when I saw the American Falls & Bridal Veil Falls all lit up, I decided that they were Getenet. And on their wedding night no less. Good for them that they waitied until marriage.
This was one of my favorite vantage points in the city of Niagara Falls because I could see The American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls all at once. And because I am an expert at the selfie (thanks to the fact that I spend so many days and nights alone), I was able to get a picture with all of them at the same time. And of course I'm being my usual goofy self. Wouldn't be my life if I didn't.








From this vantage point I had a good look at Lady Niagara in all of her after dark glory. And I do say that she was looking so fine. It's very rare that you find a lady of the night who looks great in the dark and even better during the day, but this harlot has done it.


















After I left the dock I was heading back towards my hotel. But I wasn't ready to call it a Celebration Day yet. I walked into some random bar that was doing Karaoke and I threw down the last of my Canadian money for a beer and waited my turn. To my dismay, some other asshole did Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" (the same song I signed up for) and didn't even do it justice. So I left that join in search of greener pastures. Along the way, the clock ticked past midnight (but only on the East Coast, so I still had an hour left of Celebration Day because I was born in Central Time), I kissed a Hersey's Kiss and ended up at Casino Niagara. When I first arrived at my hotel yesterday, I predicted that I would end up here. Because Drunken Iceman loves gambling and childhood nostalgia like Willy Wonka.




































One of the reasons that I quit gambling is that I don't know when to walk away. I love noise and I love chasing the high. I'm not in it to make money, although it is nice when you do. I want to play the bonus games and I want to get all animated. That is what led me to take every single dollar that I won that night (and then some) and put it back in the machines. I took pictures of my cashout vouchers as a reminder that at some point (looks like around 1:52 AM) I could have left with $151.86 Canadian Dollars. But I left with nothing.



Iceman Celebration Day 2016 - This is the End