In the 9 months I've been running this page, I've heard about 3 complaints about my site and its content. The biggest of which being the non-involvement of Jenny in my pictures. To correct that mistake, Pookon's Ill Stuff is proud to present:




The Jenny Page




Jenny thought that this day was ordinary, she never suspected me to suddenly fly right over her.



Us after a crazy game of Frisbee. Silly Jenny has a stack of Frisbees on her head. Ha ha ha.







(Below) Jenny showing me the correct way to play ski-ball - just walk right up and put it in the 50. The people at Fun World obviously never learned how to play the right way, cause they didn't like what she was doing...

(Right) Jenny showing us exactly why we don't listen to her. No I'm just kidding, we all love Jenny, don't we?








Jenny, Chad, Tim, and I taking some fun-filled pictures. We had a pretty good time that night, especially cause Jenny was with us. Jenny always makes anything fun.









Jenny getting hyped for laser tag. Jenny, Chad, Tim, and I went up against 9 kids, and we beat the crap outta them. Which goes to show you that Jenny + anything = awesome.