Afterglow - Rage for Timmy



But I also had the LP's Brian and Kevin along with me who instantly made this a trip for the ages even though the adventure had just begun. I couldn't think of a better 3 person crew to assemble to Rage for Timmy but I wish that I could have brought everyone up here.

When we got to Afterglow we were the only ones there, which was to be expected for late October. We stayed in Cabin #2 to ensure a little familiarity as we set up for a ragetastic weekend. We had plenty of booze, food, memories, energy and spunk to fit a whole week's worth of activities into two short days. We knew that it wouldn't be easy, but no one ever said that Raging for Timmy would be an easy task.

Timmy and I had stopped at Buckshots a couple of years ago and we thought that it sucked so now I had to give it another shot. It was as expected - your local hole in the wall in the Northwoods. But like any bar it is only as good as who you are with, and I had Jenny Reck.

Pete and Gail are probably tired of us flipping the geese upside-down but there is no way that I am stopping now. This one one of Timmy's favorite things and I wouldn't be Raging for Timmy if I didn't do the things that he did. So until they decide that wooden geese are no longer the proper decor to adorn these walls I'm going to keep flipping them. And there's not a damn thing they can do to stop me from doing it.

As you may or may not know, we buried Timmy's ashes at Afterglow this summer. Since we don't have a traditional gravesite nearby to visit whenever we are missing him, we have to go to Afterglow to be close to him physically. A year is a very long time to wait so we decided to go up there for a weekend in the fall, and we decided on October 29-30 to make a trip up there. I said goodbye to Coach Gordon Bombay like always then drove up with Jenny, Brian and Kevin in her car. Mom and Eddie would be driving her car up there for this short but meaningful weekend.

Although we had left at the same time as Mom and Eddie we got up to Eagle River first as they stopped for lunch and then groceries. Knowing that we had beaten them there we decided to stop at Buckshots on the outskirts of Eagle River for a beer and to do a shot for Timmy to get the weekend started. I don't know why we didn't just go straight to Afterglow but it was nice to stop for a drink at a random but known location.