San Francisco & Michelle's Wedding - Day 4

We drove on over to the fancy hotel where everyone else was staying for some breakfast. Jenny and I hung out with Kelly while everyone else was inside schmoozing. Don't you hate schmoozing? Oh yes, I just despise it. You do what you gotta do.










It was really nice to see everyone again before we had to head back home tomorrow. Weddings are crazy busy and there is so much going on that you don't get to sit down and catch up. The breakfast today was pretty much just family, the wedding party and close friends, so we finally had that time. Plus it gave us the chance to grab a couple of pictures with everyone while they were dressed in summer casual attire. That's Gary, Michelle and my Dad Mike on the left and my Dad and his wife Kathy on the right. I don't get to spend as much time as I would like with the Reck side of the family, so it was great to have us all together for this wonderful occasion.




It's not often that we all look this good. I don't mean that as a slight in any way, but Dad, Jenny and I have our own kind of style and don't necessarily dress to impress. While our attire isn't anything like the required "smart casual" from the other night, it certainly is a step above from our normal wear. Well I suppose that I should only be speaking for myself here because Jenny and Dad wear age appropriate clothing while I keep dressing like I am a child. I still don't feel comfortable in any kind of clothing, so I guess this makes it kind of a personal problem. And if there is anything that I have learned from my therapist, it's to stop making my personal problems everyone else's problems too. LeAnn (I mean Mrs. McCormick) is a very smart woman. She certainly hasn't failed me yet. That's more than I can say about all of the other professionals that I have confided in.

There is such a thing as Bacon to Go. If it isn't, then I'm going to make it a thing. When you leave a classy establishment, they should provide you with handful of bacon so that you can go about your merry way and truly be merry. With bacon in my tummy and bacon on the brain, I decided that I needed to cool off lest I be zesty and full of bountiful goodness. What better way to do that than to immerse your head in a fountain? That's the only way that I know to offset the effects that bacon has on the brain.










There's nothing like a little morning swim after a night of #weddings. The best part about a hotel (even a shady off the side of the freeway one) is the the pool. Which is why I made sure to utilize it as often as possible. For the first time since we've been staying here, I got some folks to join me. Jenny Reck and Pops decided that the weather was fair enough to go for a swim. God bless them.


There are a million reasons why I love breakfast, and bacon is 999,999 of those reasons. I could (and have tried to on multiple occasions) eat bacon for days. If I ever became Leader of the Free World, I would make bacon one of the Six Food Groups.
It was a beautiful summer day here in Northern California, so Jenny and I decided to take full advantage of it by spending the majority of the morning outdoors. Luckily for us they had multiple couches and table set up for our leisure. While outside, Jenny phoned home to The Mothership to fill her in on all the wedding details. After all, Moms always need to be in the know. They feed off that information.
































I think this was the gay guy from Friday night at the rehearsal dinner that Jenny asked to save a dance for her. If memory serves me correctly (but it never does), she didn't dance with him last night. So much for that promise. So she did the next best thing - pose for a picture with him and then proceed to wade in the fountain. This girl is truly special. That's why I'm proud to call her my best friend. There is no one else in the World that I would want to go on random adventures with. She always makes it interesting.