The Trifecta - Miller Brewery Tour






Back in February of 2008, I had a revelation, an idea, that would change our world forever. It was called the Trifecta, and it involved going to all 3 breweries in Milwaukee (Miller, Lakefront and Sprecher) for the beer tours and free beer. I immediately thought of 3 people crazy enough to take on this challenge (Joey Kanz, Paul and Jenny) but sadly Coach Gordon Bombay wasn't one of them.














We started off with the Miller Brewery tour because they start offering tours the earliest in the day, and they also have the most tours in single day. We got there for a little early for the 11:00 am tour, so we hung out in the gift store with a cardboard cutout of Wendell Middlebrooks (the High Life delivery man). Too bad he was fake, as we couldn't hear any of his hilarious catchphrases.












There were 3 giant bottles of beer, but they couldn't quench our thirst for fun and exciting adventure. It's a good thing that they too were fake. We've been on this tour more times that I can count, but we still have a blast every time that we do it. We especially love the 1980's Miller Lite commercial featuring Bob Uecker at County Stadium being ushered into the Upper Grandstand "Uecker Seats." If you've never seen it, it's classic Uecker humor. We tried to pay attention during the rest of the tour, but we were just too excited to start drinking. But we had to try and behave for the time being until we got to the tasting room. The warehouse where they keep the pallets of beer is breathtaking, and to think that all of that beer is going out into the world to bring liquid joy to millions of people really tugs at my heartstrings.







I especially love this Miller Park replica built out of Miller High Life cases. I want to take it home with me so that I can play a miniature game of baseball inside it's champagne of beer walls. Of course it wouldn't be fair because I could easily hit a homerun out of it, but knowing me I'd tear down the walls to get at the High Life located inside of the boxes. True, this boxes are probably empty, but I'd make the Miller employees fill them before I took it home.









When we finally got to the end of the tour and sat down in the tasting room, we were good and ready for some fine Miller products. We hung out with some middle aged gentleman who thought we were a riot, and we sent out the free postcards that they set on the table. I always send one to one of my parents, and also one to 1060 W Addison in Chicago, Illinois. That of course, is Wrigley Field. This time around, I told them not to worry that they were losers, cause every team has a bad Century (referring to the last time the Cubs won a World Series in 1908). I doubt they read it or found the humor in it. We enjoyed the our 3 free beers, but we had to hurry so that we would catch the Lakefront Brewery tour at 1:00 pm.