Green Bay Spring Break 2010






My style of blackjack play is really only suited for play in Las Vegas for one reason only - you drink for free while gambling in Vegas. I play too conservatively to make any money, so by the time I walk away I either break even or I'm up or down around $20 bucks. Today I cashed out up $20 bucks. Not too damn shabby if you ask me.



Jim couldn't hang out for very long. Dinner was the most that he could do. He was working on a Sunday because tomorrow he would be going on vacation for a week with his daughter Sarah down in Florida or something. But we were thankful he was able to take that little time out of his day to spend it with us. After we bid him farewell we continued on to Oneida Casino where we hoped we would make a couple of bucks. I was excited to see that this casino had Fireball and the Penguin game, two slot machines that I fell in love with in Las Vegas when I was out there for the World Series of Beer Pong. But back here in Wisconsin they weren't as kind to me.



We drove up on a Sunday afternoon. March 28th to be exact. We met Jim at work and he took us of a tour of the Allied Trucking center. Then we went out for dinner at a nearby restaurant. And of course I got a beer. Wouldn't be Spring Break if I wasn't drinking.






Even though Spring Break 2010 was the shortest of all my spring breaks with my Dad, it still was a whole lot of fun. It was great to see Jim and I had a fun time gambling. But I couldn't help but think that I'm 29 now, and this may very well be my last spring break. It's not like I'm some little kid still figuring shit out in college. But I have a few more months to figure out if I want to squeeze another one in before I turn 30. I'm leaning towards yes. We both had to work in the morning (it was Sunday night after all) so I said goodbye. And just like his Mom (my Grandma) did in all the years that she lived at this house, my Dad waved goodbye from inside the door as I drove away.



There are 2 casinos on the Oneida reservation - the little one and the big one. The little one had bingo and slots. The big one has table games and slots. We first went to the little one, but I wanted to play blackjack so we we decided to go over to the big one. When we were outside I saw this bus with the unintentionally funny company name BJ Tours. I'm sure when Bill and Judie Lee formed this company and chose the name, they weren't thinking that BJ stood for blow job. So them giving BJ tours basically is them going around the county giving well... you can fill in the rest. Classic. I ended up playing blackjack for well over an hour and winning back the money I lost on the slots plus some. Today was a good day.






By now you should be familiar with my Spring Break adventures. Even though I have long since graduated from college, I still take some time in March or April to hang with my Dad much like I have been doing every year since 2003. I have been to many cool places over the years like New York City, Florida (Orlando and Melbourne) and Arizona, so it would be hard to top it. So I didn't attempt to. I didn't even take off of work for an extended period of time. In face, Spring Break 2010 would be just one day, and we decided to go up to Green Bay to visit our good friend Jim Taggart and hopefully pry a couple of dollars away from the Indians. Even though it wasn't the best Spring Break, it still was nice.




















And the only reason why I ended up $20 bucks ahead is because I put $20 on black in Roulette. I texted James and asked him if I should, and he said yes. He wanted to tell me to put it on Black 13, but the odds of it hitting were slim. So I put it on black and the ball landed on Black 13! I should have listened to my brother...

















Coach Bombay likes to sleep on my clothes. This time he picked my favorite jersey, my Brewers Iceman one. Normally I would have disturbed his slumber so that I could wear it, but because I was going up to Green Bay I decided to wear my Packers jersey.






























My Dad and Jim have known each other for a long time. I believe that they met in college at UWM. I know that I have known him for my entire life and he is one of the coolest and nicest people in the entire world. We have spent many a weekend up at his house in Oconto Falls and he's as close to being family without actually being one. He has 3 daughters and his wife Mary sadly passed away recently after succumbing to Lou Gehrig's disease. With everything going on in our lives down in Milwaukee and everything in his life up North in Oconto Falls, we haven't had much time to get together and hang out. Which is why spending even just an hour in his company made this entire trip worth it. Sometimes I wish that I wasn't so busy so that I could spend more time with these good people, but that's how life goes.