Afterglow 2003 - Day 1 (page 1)


































Afterglow 2003 started out just as every year, then got weirder every minute. I'm kidding you on that; when is there ever a weird minute with my family? Alright don't answer that question. But I was given the opportunity to drive the family up, and we stopped for lunch at Wendy's. James didn't come up with us, he had his High School Reunion to go to, and would be joining us the next day at beautiful Afterglow. And by the by, those of you who don't remember Afterglow, check out last year's edition (Afterglow 2002) or go to the Afterglow website.

The kids (Jenny and Tim) found it rather odd that I took pictures inside of the restaurant, but you know me. As Jenny struggled with her Honey mustard sauce, Tim enjoyed the fresh greens of his salad. Jenny had such a troublesome time opening that sauce, and we finally had to take matters into our own hands and do it ourselves. 

This frosty tastes sweet for it is the sweetness of a looming vacation. Nothing can compare to that moment when you start out on a week filled with friends and good times. I would like o take a second to thank Mom (pictured) for footing the bill from Wendy's and the entire week.  [standing ovations and deafening applause]

I've personally always labeled Wendy's as the "best 99 cents you'll ever spend." There's nowhere else I know that you can get chicken nuggets, a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, a 1/4 Double Stack w/cheese, fries and a Frosty for 5 bucks. Well ok, that's he best five  99 cent-es that you'll ever spend. 














This crouton is making me angry, and you wouldn't like me, when I'm angry. Scott Hungry! Scott Smash! And no, I am not drunk - just a little tired and unshaven.

Neither of the kids understood why I wanted to take a picture in front of the Wendy's, but in 20 years they'll understand. Hopefully I will too.

Along the way, we had the opportunity to trade in the Ford Expedition for one of the Buster Brothers Top Quality Used Cars, which I would have done, except my Mom wouldn't let me. I'm one of those people who risk everything they've won for what's in the box, only to find out that the box is empty. Good thing my Mom was looking out for us, because we would have been pushing this heap all the way up to Afterglow.

Even though we could not take it with us, my family turned the other way while I had to have my picture taken with it. Interesting part to this picture is the fact that I am barefoot in a minefield of glass and rocks. Why you ask? Cause I gamble only with my health, never my money? No, because I like to drive barefoot. Rocks suck.