Afterglow 2003 - Day 1 (page 2)

























'Twas the first day of our week-long vacation , and my family had already scared everyone off of the beach. If only Uncle Rick would put his shirt back on... But it wasn't my family that scared them off, it was the not so great weather, which is why we played Scrabble.

We ate food and played Scrabble (or as Jenny and I call it, Literati) and Mom cheated by showing the camera her letters. In this day and age, you can't trust technology. She should've know better.

I rushed outside just in time to catch the sun glistening the tips of the trees, fraying the ends in a golden glow. It reminded me of a picture I had taken the previous year right after the infamous Afterglow monsoon. Actually, the resemblance is quite uncanny, if that makes sense to you. It doesn't make sense to me.

Had thy have been two people other than my mother and my sister, I would believe that they were conspiring against me by looking at my letters and pillaging all the good ones, but I trust them. It was then that I noticed the sunset, and Jenny and I went out in a boat.

This boat had room for only two, so certain people had to stay behind (sorry Mom and Susie!), but Tim came to the rescue and took Susie out in another boat. Mom could only watch from the shore...