Afterglow 2015 - Day 6 Thursday



What can I possibly say about this place that hasn't already been said? How could you look upon these images and not want to spend all your remaining days there? That's my goal in life. One week just isn't enough. It's always on my mind and I never want to leave.

I woke up successfully this morning (as I had for done for 12,503 consecutive days now) but I didn't start out the day like any of those other ones. That's because a day at Afterglow is unlike any other day in the life. Up here I can do what I want, when I want. It's absolute paradise. This morning I wanted to make a breakfast menagerie and go out in the boat. So that is exactly what I did. I listened to more of my book (Ready Player One) and enjoyed the peaceful serenity that a perfect day on the lake provides.



























I can't remember how long I was out on the lake. Time is irrelevant at Afterglow. But I was out there long enough that Kevin came out to join me. For the most part he kept his distance and was respectful of my need to be alone with my book. But when the feeling was right, he paddled out near me and we shared this beautiful moment. There are many great ways to look upon Lake Afterglow. I know two of my favorite places. One is from the top of the HD. The other is out here right in the middle of it. Being surround by this majesty is all I ever wanted and all I ever need. That's why I am truly only at peace in this place. Nowhere else in the World compares to this.















There is so much to do up here and not enough time. I can't imagine only being able to come up for a few days instead of a whole week. I need the whole week to do and see all of the activities that this resort has to offer. Today I stopped by the tennis courts to watch Tommy and Stacy play a tennis match. Jessey was engaged as well but Kevin and BK pulled a little nap and rally. No worries. It happens.
















'Twas a perfect day to sit out by the lake and enjoy the company of others. Uncle Rick, Susie and Jenny were well aware of this as they sat on the dock and looked out towards the distance. And what lurked in that distance? Wouldn't you like to know. I cannot tell you, for I was not there. The people that hold that secret are pictured here. Ask them if you dare but I doubt that it would do you any good. Something like this is made for the eyes of the people in the present and would do you no good this late in the game. But I do commend you for trying. Your spirit and your quest shall fare thee well in the end.














After the tennis match, Tommy and Stacy needed to cool down the fires that burned during the cousin competition. What better way to cool down fire than to immerse it in water? I know no better way. And trust me, I'm a member of the Vilas County Volunteer Fire Department (for one week out of the year). I dare you to tell me that I am wrong, but that would mean finding another member of the VCVFD that could dispute my claim. You cannot provide that witness! Ah ha! I knew it. There is nothing you can do now that will stop me. I am like the Gingerbread Man. You can run, run, run. As fast as you can. But you can not catch me. Oh no. Not on land, in air or in sea. Try as you might, you will never catch me. Never!!!!

























Once again my family dominated the beach area. I promise you first timers to this site that there are many more people who stay at Afterglow Lake Resort during this week. I just don't take many pictures of them because that would be creepy and weird.  But I had more pictures of my family than I knew what to do with. That's one of the reasons why this adventure takes me so long to post year after year. It's a challenge.