Afterglow 2015 - Day 7 Friday




On the final few days of Afterglow. we have to finish all of the food and stuff that we can't take back home. This led to me drinking a root beer float (albeit with hard/alcohol infused root beer) this early in the morning. Can't let this stuff go to waste.









I was walking down towards the beach to see what the other kids were up to and I found Stacy and Pinkman playing badminton. Good for them, but I didn't know that kids still played badminton, let alone knew what it was. There is hope for the future after all.


Waking up on the last day at Afterglow is always a hard thing to do. On one hand you are so incredibly exhausted from the non-stop rage that has occurred throughout the week. But on the other hand you want to rage balls to the walls until the wheels fall off because this is the last day at Afterglow. So it's kind of a balancing act. I woke up and enjoyed the morning and then Jenny and Kevin wanted to go disc golfing. I couldn't say no to a proposition like that, so played the course until we didn't feel like playing anymore.







Throwing things is a very primary instinct. I bet when the very first human got frustrated with something, he yelled out in disgust and threw something against the wall in anger. Even though we have evolved since then, we still feel the need to throw things every now and then. There is the bad kind of throwing (like throwing things at your wife or throwing a man out of a skyscraper window) and then there is the good kind of throwing (like throwing a baseball or a rock into a body of water). At Afterglow, they encourage the good kind of throwing, which is why there is a rock pile and some floating targets. I'm not going to say that we had some frustrations to work on on this day, but felt damn good to throw some rocks.






Today was a very good day to be an American. But it was an even better day to be at Afterglow. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to send us into the offseason than this partly sunny day with average summer temperatures. BK, Tommy and Pinkman were hanging out on the raft soaking it all in and I was just about to join them. But I stayed behind for a bit to snap some pictures because the Moms were MIA. Someone had to bite the bullet and document the happenings of this day. Normally it would upset me not to swim or be out on the HD, but every now and then I have to take one for the team.






























Before I got a chance to join the kids out on the HD, BK first swam out to the log and then to the AD (Alice Dock). From there he climbed out of the water and went ashore to sit down and contemplate his life decisions. Or that's just what I think that he was doing.