Afterglow 2015 - Day 1 Saturday




But I guess Uncle Rick and I weren't really alone because we had a couple of capable life savers on the beach. Susie and Curtis were looking out for us, but I doubt that they would spring to action should we need them. Well, it's the thought that counts anyway. But they were in luck because Tommy, BK and Pinkman were here to save the day! Or to save me and Uncle Rick shall we need it.










After unloading the car, I kicked off my shoes, threw my shirt to the side and jumped off the cabin #2 pier. After the long drive and getting all sweaty moving objects, a refreshing dip in the lake of all lakes was exactly what I needed. I was so excited to get all up in that body (of water) that I forgot I was wearing sunglasses and a bandana. Mid-jump I placed my hand on my face to protect the glasses from ending up at the bottom of the lake, but my bandana wasn't so lucky. But wait! It floats! Thank the maker!




As soon as we all unpack the car and get settled in, we get the urge to go swimming. Not everyone jumps in off the dock like me, so they make their way on down towards the beach. This includes a  photo stop at Cabin #2 and smiles for days.









Cabin #2 is the place to hang out indoors. The picnic table at Cabin #1 is our outdoor hangout. We gather here like ants on a log (the delicious raisons/peanut butter/celery treat, not the actual insects on a wooded object). But it is equally as good.



Speaking of thanking the maker, here I am with my Mother. Yes, I understand how weird that transition is. But I owe her everything, especially (and quite literally) my life. Year after year, she funds this weeklong excursion and ignores us when we get out of hand. I'm well aware of this at all times, but it doesn't stop me from being me. Knowing that, I mixed a bottle of vodka with an assortment of gummy creatures and placed it in the refrigerator. In a few days, these suckers would be potent enough to fuel the rage within us.

















Afterglow is all about tradition. You should know that by now. So it should be no surprise to you that I once again feature a picture of the LPs Brian and Kevin on the beach. This happens every single year. Jenny and I followed suit because in some way, we are life partners as well. I don't want to do anything or go anywhere without her. She's the reason I do whatever I can to make it one more day in this life.

My dear good friend Mark Krismer and his wife Amy (who was with child [or technically with childs] the the last time we saw them) brought their babies out for the final showcase. Or maybe that is just what it felt like because every contestant was bidding for holding time and making memories with these precious little girls. One would expect the Moms to monopolize the babies' time, but did you expect me to cradle this little life? And did you expect a first time parent to allow it? Probably not. But it happened. This is proof. 





























Moms love babies. Fat people love cake. Bill Hall wins games. Everybody loves monkeys. These things we know. It's universal knowledge. It transcends languages, generations and even international waters. That's the way it is. Just deal with it.


Everyone hears the call of lake Afterglow. Even if you have one of those old timey phones that existed before voicemail or answering machines, you will still get that call. You can't run and you can't hide. It will find you. That's the way it is.








You should always use the "body system" when out in the lake. Safety first kids. Most people follow this rule. It may even be in the Red Book. I can't cross reference this at this moment, but I'm pretty sure Pete & Gail understand the benefits of following those guidelines. Apparently some people (not to name names, but **cough** Uncle Rick and **cough** Scott didn't read the Red Book because they are out there by their lonesomes. C'mon pal! Everyone knows - swim alone, you never go home. Swim with two, dee doo diddlee um doo.