Afterglow 2015 - Day 1 Saturday



Nice work Stacy. I knew you had it in you to be anything but normal as she joined these wahoos in a little night swimming. It's on the yearly checklist so we try to get it out of the way early before we come to our senses. Once you realize that it gets rather cold here at night in Northern Wisconsin even though it is late July, you decide that it is a bad idea. But it ends up being one of the best ideas we have all week because the lake looks and feels so much different in the dark. Plus there's a roaring fire in the pit to warm you up.

But even though we were welcome to stay for a while, we eventually had to leave. Like I said, when we get kicked out of one placed we move on to the next. What place do we always end up at the end of the night? KK of course. Only God (or our own bodies) can kick us out of there. We hang out there until the weather or the tiredness catches up with us. I can't even begin to explain the night but Kevin trying to eat Stacy's light up toy pretty much sums it up. We go pretty hard on the first day here (because we have 358 pent up days of not spending every hour together) and we end up crashing pretty hard. And that is Day 1 at Afterglow 2015. More days to come pal.


















When we get kicked out of one place, we move on to the next (until we get kicked out of there. And so on... and so on...). Quiet hour comes way too fast at the fire pit so we need to find somewhere that will allow our nonsense. Each of the family members take turns welcoming us into their temporary homes and tonight it was Uncle Greg & Aunt Sandy's turn. You would think that they may have regretted that decision, but these kind people have been putting up with our nonsense since before we were born. And they love it.









I have no idea how long we stayed at the fire, but that's mostly because time is irrelevant at Afterglow. But the moments matter. Like sharing a momentary manly embrace with Curtis and Kevin.








The usual suspects were circled around the fire, and even though some of them didn't want to be in the lineup, they can't hide from the law. And I was judge, jury and executioner on that night.












As Day 1 came to a close, we traded in our swim trunks for other specialized artifacts that look equally as goofy. I don't know where Kevin got this pointer finger, but he certainly was getting up close and personal with it. Watch out pal! It's heading towards your nose! Unless that's what you wanted of course. Tommy didn't want anything to do with it. Brian had other things on his mind (or on his head?) as he rocked a plastic pirate hat. That's all I have to say about that. Stacy and Aunt Sandy were rather normal. Does that surprise you?