Afterglow 2015 - Day 4 Tuesday


I don't think I mentioned this yet, but this year at Afterglow was a little different in the fact that we could barely use the sink or the toilet because of a ruptured septic tank that needed to be replaced. I summed it up succinctly in my turn with a Down by the Bay rhyme the other night - don't you try to take a poo in cabin number 2. We had to conserve all water if possible, so it was a pretty big deal on Tuesday morning when they dug up the ground and replaced the septic tank. People from all over the resort gathered to watch the men at work. I took a few glances but it was nothing that I haven't seen before. No sense wasting my day watching this.

From the pictures it doesn't seem like too much had happened today, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't a good time to nap and rally. Rallying takes a good amount of strength and determination, so a good nap to recoup some energy is almost always in order. This was a good day for it too. As you can see, we were alone on the beach and seemingly in the entire resort. The sky was overcast and the good people had flocked to parts unknown. And so we napped. The rally would join us as soon as Ra himself awoke us from our slumber.

There was a lot of noise outside of the cabin, but none of that could compare to the noise inside of the cabin created by Long Islands McKissick and Giggles Mahoney. Noise often begets noise. These two can outdo any form of heavy machinery and make me laugh in a way that has me simultaneously grabbing my sides and shaking my head. Because of them, there's never a dull moment at Afterglow.

While I was busy drinking spilled booze and complimenting construction workers on a job well done, Mom was out visiting Timmy at Memory Point. Her actions make everything I did seem inconsequential. But that's the way that it goes. At Afterglow, we are all allowed to rage in the way that we see fit. No one can tell us otherwise. That makes it beautiful.
























There's nothing like a little Hamm & eggs to start out your day. One of the best things about Afterglow is being able to do whatever you want whenever you want. So if you feel like sleeping in, do that. If you feel like making a nice breakfast, wake on up and get your ass in gear pal. That's kind of what this morning was like. Good eats and good company. And some vodka soaked gummy bears/worms. Yikes.














For some reason unbeknownst to me, Kevin was wearing a Santa hat. Nothing like Christmas in July. And then Jenny was in the middle of the street doing God knows what while Curtis and I looked on. Nothing like your average ordinary Tuesday at Afterglow.
















Even though I didn't nap (I laid there on the beach and stared up at the heavens above), I definitely would be rallying later on. Just because you don't nap doesn't mean that you can't rally. Although highly recommended, it isn't a prerequisite. Some of us can fully rally without the nap. As I get older, it does get a lot more difficult. I will admit that. But I do what I gotta do to keep raging.


















Eventually we had to awake from our slumber and rejoin the World. By that point, Brian and Curtis had joined us and had already made their way to the HD. Kevin and I were well aware of that. Christ, the whole town of Phelps was aware of that. How are you going to miss two half-naked dudes on top of floating raft? People flock from lands afar just to see something this breathtaking and majestic.
We also got a visit from one of the legendary Afterglow ragers - the man known as Dale McKissick. He was there to read a book and not engage in water activity, but he raged harder than we did.









Sooner rather than later, Stacy and Pinkman joined us down by the lake. Unless my count is off, that means that the majority of our contingent was together at the lake for one super rage fest.













I went back to the cabin to get a refill. When I poured my drink on the table into my Nalgene bottle, I noticed some leakage on the table. Since Nalgene bottles are supposed to be virtually indestructible, I figured my drunk ass missed the bottle and spilled on the table. Nope. This time it wasn't my fault. I've had this bottle for more years than I can count, so when this crack formed it was of no surprise to me. I should have seen it coming. But when I finally did, there was booze filled liquid all over the table. There was only one thing left to do. You can let it go to waste! You need to get on down on that table and clean up that mess.









Seemingly the entire resort had gathered outside this morning to watch the workers install the new septic tank, but none of them were left standing here when the final layer of dirt was placed upon the site. If not for the need to refill a drink, I wouldn't have been there to witness this. But here I was. And there wasn't a god damn thing that I could do about it. Sometimes it just is what it is. Deal with it.