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The Pookon's Ill Stuff Lost Archives



Admirals Game with Dave Foley

During the last four years, I've taken some incredibly good pictures. I've also taken some horribly bad pictures. Most of the good pictures have ended up here on the website, but a there some that I always meant to put here for your viewing pleasure. Then it hit me, I'll create a vault of lost pictures; an ancient archive full of pictures that were always meant for a spot amongst the great content here. Without further ado, I proudly present the Lost Archives.

Chicago Airport with Rich










Some Fun with  the Kids


 Peak's Car


Costumes + our Pal "Head"

Frisbee Fun with Family in the Park


June's Blanket + the 2003 Christmas Party



Aaron + Ryan Wall Climb






Me + Timmy + The Moving Truck

Me + Timmy at Lake Michigan

Mr. 3000 filming at Miller Park

June's Blanket at Jenny's Graduation





Fire at the Old Apartment


Wallflowers at Summerfest

New in the Archives - June's Blanket at Jenny's Graduation Party