Trifecta Tres - Miller Brewing Company



Did you know that Miller brews Pabst Blue Ribbon? After the Pabst Brewery shut down production they still needed to get their product out to thirsty youngsters like Kevin. He was overjoyed to see cases of Tall Boys rolling off of the production line so to be in his mouth.

Our gang was enjoying the good times and good brews here at Miller (living the High Life?) but we couldn't stay for long because we still had 2 more breweries to get to. This was just stop #1 on the trek.

King Gambrinus is the unofficial patron Saint of beer brewing and the world owes so much to this legendary man from the 15th Century. Every time that I come across a statue or plaque dedicated to him I drop to a knee and bow before my King.  Like I did in LaCrosse.

The Miller Brewery Tour is really nice and I do enjoy it but let's not kid ourselves here. The real reason why we go on these things is for the beer. Miller gives you 3 reasonably sized samples and some pretzels to munch on. And it's all free. 100% free. I love Milwaukee. Plus they allow you to fill out Miller postcards and send them out to whomever you want for free. I always send one to my Mom, my brother James in South Carolina and one telling them that they still suck to 1060 West Addison Street in Chicago, IL. That of course is Wrigley Field.

There's this sweet mural on the wall that contains two of my favorite things - Miller Beer and Miller Park. I will gladly support both and I hope these characters do too. But if they want to stray I'm ok with that. Eventually they will come back home to Milwaukee products.

The video at Miller is pretty sweet mostly because it features a hilarious Miller Lite commercial with the great Bob Uecker. There are plenty of other good tidbits in the video presentation but that's the one that really makes this a good start to a great day.

Miller obviously has the money to make their tour a spectacle and while you are watching the production lines, flat panel TVs drop down from the ceiling to educate you. I'm sure they spared no expense making this one of Milwaukee's most popular tourist destinations.

Jenny, Kanz and I have been to all 3 Trifectas but the rest of the supporting cast changes. One new member to our entourage is Jenny's friend JJ, who was a welcomed addition to our touring gang.

By now I'm just going to assume that there aren't any first time visitors to this site and you know who I am and what I do. So I don't really have to explain why I do some things and the history behind them. That having been said it was time for another Trifecta of Brewery Tours. This would be the 3rd time that we went on this adventure and we were hoping that the 3rd time was a charm. Not that there was anything wrong with The Original Trifecta or Trifecta Dos, but we were hoping for something special to happen. But if it not, at least we get to drink some beer.

We always do Miller Brewery first because they offer the earliest tours with the first one being at 10:30am. This allows us to fit in 3 tours in one day, which is the whole idea of doing the Trifecta.


I don't get Cousin Kevin even though I have known him since before he was born. He looks like a hobo and acts like a fool, but I love him anyway because he is family. And somehow he entertains me.

Paul invited one of his friends along and for the life of me I can't remember his name despite having met him several times. I'll just refer to him as one of Paul's Randoms just like how I address Jenny's friends whom I can't remember. I'm such an asshole.














Another person who was a first-timer is Cousin Kevin. He would have come along years ago but he recently turned 21 in June 2011. With this adventure being about 4 months later (in November 2011) he could join us. And he passed out on the ground. What a bum.



























As you know Kanz works at Miller, but did you know his fiancée Jess also works there? I'm guessing that's where they met but I'm not sure. Some friend I am. Jess had to work that day and couldn't join us, but Kanz made it a perfect 3 for 3 by not working today.