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Another year at Afterglow has come to an end. The week flies by so fast and the years just keep rolling by. Sometimes it is hard to believe that I've been going there for like 28 years now (since Jenny and Timmy were little babies). But at the same time it doesn't because Afterglow is such an important part of my life and part of who I am. It has been instrumental in my development and as evident by the counter to the right, something that I look forward to for the entire year. That makes coming home and resetting said counter a vey difficult thing to do. But I have the memories, the pictures, the videos and the stories to tell. So much happens up there as we cram a year's worth of rage into 7 very short days. This is my absolute favorite week of the year, which is why I labor over telling this story to you. I have to do it justice or else fail to live up to my own expectations. So if you have some time, check out my Afterglow posts from the past 14 years and look for updates on the main page from Afterglow 2016. If I think, breathe and live in the Afterglow, I'll never truly be away from the place that I love the most in this World.

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