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It's no secret that I love Afterglow. Hell, half of my website is devoted to that joint. I try and do my best to explain why it is that we talk about it all year round and look forward to it by keeping a countdown going. I know it's just 1 out of 52 weeks, but it is the best damn week of the entire year. I get to hang out with my family and my cousins (who are my best friends) and we don't have to work, don't have responsibilities and generally don't have any cares in the World. We can be free to rage and have fun. It's what I imagine Heaven is like - perfection and paradise every single day. When we get home I spend a week being depressed, stricken with the Afterglow Blues. But you know what helps? Looking at these pictures, reading my stories and remembering all of the good times we had. And of course, there is always the countdown until next year...

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